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In literally one afternoon, You can change your whole future by getting rid of unnecessary fears, such as fear of public speaking, fear of people, fear of failure or many other fears. Would you like to gain your self-confidence back? It can be done IN APPROXIMATELY ONE HOUR OR  LESS.  Read through the steps first, so that you understand them. Then complete each step. Never worry about feeling anxious again. This system changes the thought in your mind following EASY SELF-REPROGRAMMING steps, you can do. It’s all here for you, risk free.

I honestly didn’t think there was a way to get rid of my debilitating fears because nothing had worked for me.

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WHY WAIT FOR ANOTHER PANIC ATTACK? This method is about zapping fears and anxieties, getting rid of them forever, NOT simply about trying to manage the next one when it occurs, not by taking pills or  breathing properly or other so-called natural remedies. 

In fact, if you have never heard about it before, prepare to be pleasantly surprised at what it can do for you. It can literally change you from a SCAREDY CAT INTO A  ROARING LION. If you have social anxiety, why not zap your fears today so you can roar like a lion and finally let your voice be heard ?

untitledcatliongoogle2You do it by completing the easy steps to find the cause to change your mind’s programming . Your fear is changed to a simple memory forever without the fear, the way it should be.

Are you a person who has unnecessary fears and social anxieties that are preventing you from being the outgoing person you have always wanted to be? If you want to overcome your fears permanently, the secret lies in reprogramming your mind to overcome any unnecessary fear such as:

Stage Fright, Fear of Heights, Fear of Driving, Fear of Success, Fear of Failure, Fear of People, Fear of Crowds and Social Anxiety. 

  • Are you sick and tired of having unnecessary fears, such as fear of public speaking, being nervous around people, stage fright, afraid of heights or other fears?

  • Have you only found methods that haven’t worked for you?

  • Do you live in fear of expecting your fear to manifest itself in embarrassing ways?

  • Are you afraid that you are different from other people?

I got rid of 2 fears, anthrophobia (fear of people) and glossophobia (stage fright).

Louise00122small002Hi. My name is Louise Hunter and I’m about to reveal an amazing system to you about how you can get rid of unnecessary fears and anxieties in about one hour. It worked for me and changed my life and it can work for you too!

In fact, with this revolutionary method you don’t have to “try” to overcome your fears or anxieties as some programs suggest, you can “GET RID” of them instantly and permanently USING SIMPLE LIGHT RELAXATION TECHNIQUES AND COMPLETING EASY EXERCISES which reprograms your mind. It takes about an hour to do and you are transformed instantly just as though you inserted new software into your computer-like mind. First, read through the exercises and then follow along with the script to complete the exercises. You may want to print certain parts of it out first.


I’m a hypnotherapist and I obtained my hypnotherapy certification in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Rocky Mountain Hypnosis Center, which was a branch of The Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles, California. I became certified through The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners of Glendale, California.

I have over 20 years of experience helping people get rid of fears, lose weight, stop smoking and various other behavioral changes. So now you know exactly who I am and why I possess this knowledge.


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Self-consciousness raises anxiety about how you present yourself, that is, how you act and appear to others.

Because most people don’t realize that unnecessary fears really are unnecessary and don’t know how to get rid of them, there is a common phrase that people like to pass on, “A little fear and anxiety or stage fright is normal.” 

But there is nothing further from the truth. You do not have to live with a little fear, no matter how insignificant it is.

Are you nervous around people? If so, you have social anxiety or stage fright.

Realize That Your Mind is Working Perfectly.

First you need to understand something. There is nothing wrong with you. You just have a fear! Your mind is working perfectly, just the way it has been designed to do. Your subconscious is protecting you from being hurt and gives you unnecessary fears. But you can change that programming very easily, here, today.


If you haven’t had the courage to go after things that you want in life because of social anxiety or other fears, you are not alone and it is not your fault. The truth is, your mind has been programmed inadvertently by others or by yourself; essentially your self-confidence has been stolen from you because as a young child or even as an adult in a hypnotic state, people believe what they are told.

Because Children Are In A State Of Hypnosis, They Cannot Reject What They Are Told. Little girl with her ukulele, string music instrument.

When children’s critical faculty hasn’t been developed, they are in a hypnotic state and cannot reject negative remarks. This is why children believe everything they are told until they reach a certain age which can be anywhere from age 7 to 11, when their critical faculty has developed, according to most experts.

When children believe they are worthless, they can end up on the wrong side of the law because of such low self-esteem. Fortunately wrong past programming can be changed with the right tools, such as this one.

If Children Are Told They Are Wonderful, Loved And Smart, They Believe That Too.

Being a good parent is the biggest responsibility any human being can have, to raise a loving, kind and honest person. A parent can feed all of the right information into their child’s computer-like mind with love and compassion.

But unfortunately, not all people have had the privilege of having been parented properly. But people can reverse fears which may have developed in childhood with this amazingly phenomenal reprogramming method to easily and permanently get rid of unnecessary fears.

Your Every Thought And Feeling Has Been Recorded.

127669923294078702avatar8539_18_gif-mdYou are the way you are because you have been programmed from the beginning of your life, in fact, when you were actually conceived, amazing, but true. One person who came to me remembered a painful memory about his mother considering having him aborted when she was four months pregnant.

Your subconscious knows everything it has ever heard. Every sound, every thought and every feeling has been recorded on your magnificent recorder and your life is unique, not like anyone else’s.

Even though your mind is like a huge computer, your mind is much more wonderful and much more vast. Your recording has determined who you are.


And if you find that hard to believe, I promise you, it’s completely true because I used to be a scaredy cat, in fact, a BIG scaredy cat!  In fact, when I got rid of my fears, my total change was so miraculous and amazing, I felt everyone needed to know how to get rid of fears, so I became a hypnotherapist.googlecat_hideaway4

And later, after discovering this phenomenal method and realizing there were too many people who desperately needed it, I perfected this self-programming system that everyone can use. (The same method I used for my myself to overcome stage fright.)

After you perform the simple steps, the change is so automatic that you won’t feel it happening. But the instructions tell you how to check to see that the fear and anxieties have been eliminated.

No Bells Ring When The Software In Your Mind Changes.

You will also find out it has worked just by finding yourself doing or saying the things in life you had been afraid of doing before and had avoided like the plague, but can now do because at the same time, you can gain back your self-confidence you may have lost. You emerge from your “cocoon” as a beautiful person from the inside out automatically.

You Can Be The Outgoing Person You Were Meant To Be.

In a matter of minutes, you can be the outgoing person you have always wanted to be and stay that way for the rest of your life.


I want you to experience the REMARKABLE CHANGE THAT I EXPERIENCED. Yes, it’s true that I used to be a scaredy cat.

I used to be the person who never said anything because I was too nervous to speak and who always just did what I was told because I was too afraid to speak up for fear of embarrassing myself.

google3CatsI was afraid of speaking to people, heights, driving, crowds, public speaking, singing or dancing and afraid of hospitals, and interviews. Just about everything you can think of, I was afraid of.

My Head Would Shake And My Face Would Turn Red.

I would become paralyzed, not able to remember what I was going to say and my body would tremble.

I was afraid to voice my opinion or even join in any conversation. I stayed in the background too afraid that people would see me shaking and see that I was “different,” or so I thought.

I began staying home to avoid painful situations, too afraid people would see that I was flawed, not like they were.

I also had terrible nightmares about being run over by a road grader.

I would try to run from it and my legs wouldn’t work. Just before it would run over me, I would wake up, shaking and terrified.

I Would Go To Work Every Day And Avoid People As Much As Possible.


I avoided job interviews, speaking to people, (even one person). I was afraid that my mind wasn’t working right and that people could see it just by looking at me.

I asked my doctor if he would prescribe some pills for me and instead he sent me to see a psychiatrist where I cried like a baby and was given tranquilizers.

This went on for 10 years, but the fear wouldn’t go away.



I had come to the conclusion that I couldn’t bear to be around people anymore. I was too embarrassed because I was afraid they could tell that there was something wrong with my mind.

Trying to hide my shame was just too painful. To put it mildly, my life was unbearable. If I couldn’t find an answer, I was preparing to end it all. And then, as if by a miracle, everything turned around for me.

Luckily I Found The Answer.

googlehappy-thumb3One day when I was to the point of giving up on life and was reading the magazine section in the Sunday newspaper, I came across an article that said, “Hypnosis Cures Fears and Phobias.”

I immediately called my psychiatrist and asked if he knew a hypnotherapist he could refer me to. He said that he had just hired someone on his staff.

His name was Steve and the day I met him, I liked him right away.

He promised he could easily help me. But I was terrified because of all the RIDICULOUS UNTRUE STORIES told about hypnosis by writers of fiction trying to dramatize their stories. While this makes for good movies and novels, people have been completely misled.

It’s virtually impossible for anyone to control you or what you are doing using hypnosis because it’s just a state of relaxation, nothing more, nothing less. In fact, nobody can tell you what to do in the hypnotic state, unless you want to do  it, because you are even more aware of what is happening in the state. People go in and out of hypnosis every day because it’s a normal occurrence. Meditation is also a state of relaxation just as hypnosis is.

He Talked To My Subconscious And I Felt Wonderful.

Steve simply told my mind how to relax, counted down and said when he reached a certain number I would be completely relaxed. I had never felt so wonderful.

Then he simply asked me questions while I was relaxed and he found out exactly why I was afraid of people. After three visits, my fear of people, anthropophobia, a phobia which I really didn’t know I had, was gone.


I decided I wanted to help other people, so I went to school and became a hypnotherapist. I also began google image girl in hat2researching many techniques, particularly this one, my favorite technique, pendulanalysis, which I have used to help many people change behaviors and get rid of fears. Now you have access to this very one which is a remarkably simplified and uncomplicated version using self-pendulanalysis which you can perform for yourself easily.

This is how it came about.  I myself still had stage fright even though my anthropophobia was gone. So I really needed to get rid of my stage fright. I knew how to help other people get rid of stage fright, but needed a hypnotherapist to do the same for me.

Other Hypnotherapists Didn’t Possess This Method

Because I had lost touch with Steve, I made appointments with several hypnotherapists, but they were unable to reprogram my mind to get rid of stage fright. They simply recited some general affirmations to me.

I realized that my search for new reprogramming methods had given me new techniques that they hadn’t learned.

It was then I decided that since I had learned this amazing technique that I had been using with my clients I could try the technique on myself just by relaxing and following the same outline.

So I merely relaxed and followed the steps. Because I knew the procedure so well, the process took me only 15 minutes.


googleLightedUp3I felt no different and didn’t really know if it had worked at that precise moment because no bells rang and no tingling or other sensations occurred. I felt the same, so I wondered to myself, “How could something so simple really work?”

So just to make sure it had worked, one day I decided to do the procedure again, just to redo the simple steps. But no matter how hard I tried, nothing would come to mind.

That was when THE LIGHT CAME ON  IN MY MIND. I realized that I couldn’t get rid of stage fright because I didn’t have it anymore. It wasn’t there in my mind to change.

My programming had changed in my computer-like mind because I had put new information in it to replace the fear, just like new software had been inserted.


The technique had worked so amazingly perfect that I couldn’t believe it. It was truly like a miracle. It had worked and I had merely followed instructions written by myself on a piece of paper, the same instructions I had been using for my clients. I had helped my clients overcome their fears, but I hadn’t realized to what extent until then.

Afterwards, I found I was then able to give speeches in front of large audiences and small groups without any fear whatsoever.

That was when I realized how really fortunate my clients had been whom I had used the technique on. I also realized that since it had been such an easy procedure for me to do anyone could do it, so I could also teach other people to do their own self-programming.


Yes, this is the very method I formulated for myself that you can now have. Now everyone with this information can overcome unnecessary fears easily. I, along with my clients, have been “Spontaneously Transformed” and you can be too.

Because the thoughts in our subconscious minds control our behavior, you can’t consciously force yourself to change and people can’t tell you how to change or behave.

You have to put new software (new information) into your computer-like mind which is how this technique works; to change the thought in your mind.

Two young attractive sweet women kissing man with redwine glasses at the celebration or partyAfter getting rid of my stage fright, people couldn’t believe I was the same person. One friend said to me, “You used to be so shy and timid and now, look at you, you’ve totally changed.”

No More Shyness. No More Pills.

Another friend said to me, “I can’t believe how you are a totally different person.” My visits to the psychiatrist’s office and the tranquilizers were no more.

It works like a miracle. I did things I couldn’t do before. Since then I’ve been able to talk to one person or hundreds of people without anxieties or fears.


Roaring Lion in the Ngorongoro National Park, TanzaniaI’m able to live life on my terms because of this amazing phenomenal technique. It was the answer to my prayers. Yes, there is a way to totally change from a scaredy cat into a roaring lion.

I’m not a scaredy cat anymore. I didn’t think there was a way out of my predicament until I found this answer.

Picture this:

You’re about to discover here today the answer that is going to allow you to get the life you really want,—the life you were destined to live because you will have the confidence to pursue that life you have always wanted. You can now do whatever you want without unnecessary fears or anxieties.

Most Information About Overcoming Fears On The Internet Is Wrong.

Have you been trying to find answers to get rid of anxieties and fears permanently? Do most of the answers you find on the internet sound like they won’t help you? This is because most of them will not.

There are many people who are just guessing that they have the right answer and can help you, when, in fact, they can’t. Because of believing wrong information, people blame themselves when faulty programs don’t work.

Many people search for the right pill or feel that they need to hopelessly live with their fears. This is totally untrue.

Taking pills will mask the pain. Trying to force yourself to change or experience the pain actually compounds the fear, making it worse.

So-called experts selling self-confidence programs unknowingly guess about what you should do to change. Some even have courses that take weeks or months to complete and never help people get rid of fears.


Some people publish erroneous reports because they seem to think they have the answers to overcome fears, such as stage fright, but many have undoubtedly not experienced debilitating fears like I had or even like you may have.


SUCH AS—Listening to an mp3, facing your fears (which actually compounds it), exercising, stopping a panic attack in it’s tracks, avoiding conflict, mentoring programs, breathing techniques, home study courses, converting symptoms into positive energy, eating right, eating a banana—

And the list goes on–Making eye contact, apeCapture3laughing as much as you can, slowing down, meditating, avoiding painful situations, being coached, focusing on other things, or telling yourself to change.


NO—this is nothing about doing those erroneous things that you have probably read about, things that haven’t worked and never will.

Don’t believe people when they tell you that you can choose to be fearful or not. Not true! Your subconscious will give you the fear whether you want it or not until you reprogram your mind.

You cannot put a Band-Aid on your debilitating fear. The truth of the matter is, you cannot follow a person’s advice who seems to guess about what you should do in a report that really doesn’t work.

I realize most of them are writing about something they think might help, but most advice on the internet simply doesn’t work.

There is nothing in the world that works so amazingly well as this reprogramming method. It is the one and only method that leaves everything else in the dust. Why? Because your mind has to be reprogrammed to get rid of fears . That’s why this program works 100%.

It works like a miracle, but it is not a miracle. It is a scientific proven formula that has worked time and time again. Your subconscious dissolves the fear automatically.

It saved my life and it could save yours!


And, yes, it takes about an hour to complete. IT CAN’T BE DONE IMMEDIATELY as other reports claim. The reasons that caused your fear have to be uncovered following the easy steps so the thought in your mind can be reprogrammed.



No matter where you’re coming from and no matter where you are right now, this secret programming formula can work for you, just like it already has for me and many others, not accidentally, but through this powerful proven formula which is very simple to do.


Sydni pictured with daughterSyndi pictured with her daughter (Red Dragon Photography)

Syndi: “I was able to be calm and centered and not slur my words or stutter. Before reading your program and going through the process of clearing unnecessary fears, I was not able to be in large crowds of people.”

Chris: “While I’d actually been on stage and had spoken publicly for many years, I hadn’t realized an underlying missing self-confidence regarding authority figures with a correlating fear of rejection. This has been my big hang-up for many years and has oftentimes kept me from speaking with confidence and from my own authority.

“The Spontaneous Transformations process allowed me to overcome all my fear of authority and rejection and feel the sense of being able to lead with my own life. For the first time I speak with all my power and without holding back my real voice.”

Miguel:    “I’m feeling great. I’m not afraid to give talks in school anymore. And I did it all myself. “

Joan:       “It feels like a miracle. I was petrified to give a talk at a funeral, but after doing the exercises in your program, I was so relaxed I felt like I was floating on air and I wasn’t afraid of giving the talk.”

Natalie:    “It was fun. I’m not afraid to dance anymore.”

Debra:     “I’m absolutely amazed that it was so easy and what simple things were causing it.”

Caroline:  “I have my life back and I can’t thank you enough.”




In this program, you will learn how to ask your subconscious questions and get “yes” and “no” answers by using a pendulum or A RING ON A STRING if you haven’t a pendulum.

I obtained my knowledge about the pendulum by studying methods designed by Frank Monaghan, an associate hypnotherapist with The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners who in-turn had formulated the technique in 1972 after studying works about Chevruel’s Pendulum. Chevruel was a French chemist who was fascinated by it and discovered that the mind moved it.

A PENDULUM IS NOT MAGICAL, nor is it mysterious, voodoo, or caused by a ghost or spirit. It is just an inanimate object. Your subconscious moves the muscles in your fingers to get it to move to answer questions. If you hang it on a doorknob and ask it questions, it will not move nor give you any answers.

Another method which is also taught without the use of the pendulum, which you may prefer to use, is the “Finger Response Method.”

By doing the steps, you will learn how to find the cause or causes of your fear and learn how to have your mind agree to let them go. These re-programming steps are amazingly simple to do. In fact, they are so simple to do and the change so automatic that you may feel it has been too good to be true. It isn’t. It’s definitely true. And, in fact, it’s so simple that it’s surprising not many people know about it. This amazing technique should be common knowledge. If that were the case, thousands of people’s lives would be dramatically changed for the better.

If you happen to be someone who thinks you have to live with your fears, feel doomed, think that fate has singled you out, that you are just different from other people, or that it’s a genetic problem, I’m happy to inform you that you have been wrong on all counts. It is none of these. The cause is from one or more incidents in your past and this is the solution to discover them and dissolve them.


Some programs promise change to happen in weeks or months, which is simply a waste of your time. And when they don’t work, people think they can’t be helped or that nothing will work. There is nothing further from the truth. And there is no need to try to change over weeks or months because the people who teach these methods are only guessing at how to overcome fears anyway.


You are instructed to find a quiet spot and relax to your own words. You then are instructed how to find answers as to what caused your fear and how to get approval from your mind to drop the fear. You instruct your mind to carry out your requests. It has the power to “listen” to proper suggestions and carry them out.

The Steps Can Be Performed By Anyone.

beauty-1132641_6405.jpegAfter reading the instructions, the steps can be performed in about an hour or sometimes less, depending on each particular situation. On completion, your fears are reprogrammed automatically without you consciously being aware of the change.

Instructions tell you how to verify that your fear is gone by eliciting a “yes” answer from your subconscious. But even more importantly, you’ll know that your fear is gone because you’ll find yourself being able to do the things you couldn’t do before. To some people, it seems too incredible to be true.

This program is all about asking your mind the right questions and letting it give you the right answers. With the right answers and your mind’s approval, (you’re taught how to get its approval) your mind can change its programming permanently. Your mind wants to help you and this is what makes everything work together. These are very powerful suggestions to your mind.

You Will Use Your Conscious Mind To Find Answers From Your Subconscious.

You will discover what caused your fear and the results will undoubtedly amaze you and seem hard to believe, but soon you will realize that they are true. Even my own results were completely amazing to me. It’s impossible to guess what is causing your fears, but you can find out by using this system.


Years ago, it was thought the pendulum could hypnotize people. That was false. Pendulums have no power. Staring at them simply helped people relax. Hypnotists now use special wording techniques, or the power of suggestion, to help guide people into relaxation.

A pendulum moves because a person’s subconscious moves the muscles in the fingers according to what is expected of it to answer questions.

People go into relaxation on their own every day, like day-dreaming or doing something relaxing, such as meditating. Behavioral changes can be done in very light states of relaxation. Hypnotists help people relax, but they cannot hypnotize anyone. People go into hypnosis or relaxation of their own accord.

You Can Find Out How Easy This System Is To Do.

The following simple exercise shows you how you can find answers from your subconscious mind, which is an example of how this program works. Of course, the questions and procedure are different in the actual program, but this will give you an idea of how your subconscious is able to answer your questions. Specific questions can be answered using a pendulum or, if you haven’t one, a ring on a string.

You Can Begin Here To See How Easy It Is To Do:

Tie a piece of twine, string or small chain about 8 to 10 inches long to the shank of a ring. You have just made yourself a pendulum if you haven’t one in your possession.

Get a piece of paper to keep track of your answers and sit down at your kitchen table.

Hold the end of the string or chain between your thumb and forefinger or middle finger and let the ring hang down about 6 to 8 inches or whatever is comfortable with your elbow resting on the table. Do not wrap the string or chain around your fingers, but just let the top portion of it hang down gently over one finger.

While holding it, tell it either verbally or mentally that you would like to receive some ”yes” or “no” answers from it. (You’re speaking to your subconscious.)


There is no magic, mystery or psychic powers involved. The pendulum cannot move on its own as some people mistakenly believe. Your subconscious is able to move the muscles in your fingers to answer “yes” or “no.”

Now tell your pendulum, either verbally or mentally, of four possibilities for it to move, forward and backward, side to side, clockwise or counterclockwise. Ask it which it wants to use for “yes” answers. It will move to show you. You are really asking your subconscious to move the pendulum.

Write that answer down. Now ask it which it wants to use for “no” answers. Again, write that down. These are true answers. Save them for future work needed in this program. They do not change. Watch very closely because, while sometimes the movements can be strong, they can be ever so slight as well. Finish asking it for the next two movements. A slight movement is a valid one.

Now ask it some very evident “yes” or “no” questions, such as “Are my socks white?”

Practice on other questions which you know the answer to. It cannot answer questions your mind does not know the answer to. It cannot predict the future.

It’s that simple. You have just found answers from your subconscious. Your subconscious moves the muscles in your fingers to answer the questions. In the program you are taught what particular questions to ask relating to your fear and also how to change your programming.

If you have been able to complete this simple exercise, you can easily complete the steps to get rid of your fears in this program. Sometimes the best things in life are simple.

Your subconscious knows exactly what has caused your fears and will give you the answers. Trying to guess which questions to ask for your fear will not work unless you know the technique. You must follow the exact guidelines and questions in the program.




It’s the overlooked method to changing behavior. It’s HIDDEN, but it’s there. There’s a quiet powerful subconscious HIDING inside you ready to act on your desires. You can’t see it…but the very first time it responds, you’ll understand how it works. In just MINUTES you’ll see how purely simple and easy this is. You have an AWESOME power.

Yes, it doesn’t get any better than this! This stuff is EASY and incredibly effective: In literally one afternoon, you can completely change your whole future. It’s all waiting here for you, risk free.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with this program and you can get rid of your fears today. Other programs may take several weeks or months to do and changes may be expected to happen on a conscious level and may not necessarily work.

Your Mind Changes Its Perception Of A Past Incident.

This is how this amazing secret technique works. It teaches you how to simply change your mind’s wrong perception of past incidents.

You learn how to take out the negative information about them and put in the right information (like putting in new software) and the fears and anxieties get zapped and are gone.


I want to make it clear that this secret is a powerful simple scientific reprogramming system that few people even know about.

And after you use it, you’ll be able to literally go after whatever you want in life because your unnecessary fears will be gone.

Fotolia_76862743_XS2Free yourself from the SCAREDY CAT TREADMILL, and tap into the emotional freedom you’ve been longing for all along and finally build the life you want and live it on your own terms!

This the science of simple behavioral change, simple and uncomplicated. And I want to give that simple scientific method to you right now so you can see for yourself how easy it is to do and start using it to get the incredible results other people have gotten.

All Unnecessary Fears Can Be Zapped With This System.

You will be able to do anything in life that your particular fears or anxieties have been preventing you from doing.  So think about what you might be afraid of. Do you have more than one fear?

I actually had two fears, glossophobia, stage fright or fear of speaking in public and anthropophobia, fear of people. But I thought I had more fears because I was afraid of driving and heights.

But those two were both resolved automatically by getting rid of stage fright and fear of people. There was a simple explanation. I was afraid of heights and driving because if I got hurt, I would have to talk to the nurses or doctors at the hospital. As you can see, sometimes more fears are dissolved.

This Method Works Incredibly Fast.

When I learned about this easy scientific reprogramming technique, things turned around for my clients and also me personally so incredibly fast that I knew it was something everyone should be using.

That was the beginning of my goal to make it available for everyone, so I structured this very course that anyone and everyone can do in just minutes.

This is how you can get rid of your fears by changing the thought in your mind in the twinkling of an eye.


Once you have made the change, the change is totally permanent for you. You cannot go back to having the fear or anxiety. It is impossible because the programming in your mind is changed.

If you can’t sing in front of an audience today, you will be able to as soon as you complete the steps properly.  You must follow the instructions specifically. Today, tomorrow and forever you will be changed.Beautiful singer

Once you make this change, the thoughts in your mind will have changed, so you are the way you were born to be forever, the way you were born to be to begin with–the person God made–the happy loving outgoing you. You won’t feel any different, but you will find that your fears have vanished as you are able to do things you couldn’t do before.

Think of how easily your finger heals after you’ve cut it because your body has healing powers. Realize that God also made your mind capable of behavioral change too.

You just have to know the right technique. This is it. You’ve found it . This is the one simple technique that is missing from the many techniques out there that cannot deliver what they promise.

Your Subconscious Has Been Trying To Protect You.

And now, I want you to have access to this revolutionary method too. Everyone deserves to know about this. The fear you have is because your subconscious is trying to protect you from rejection. It’s that simple.

When that is no longer an issue, you can accomplish anything in life you want to. You can enjoy doing the things you were afraid to do before.

This is all about changing the thought in your mind using a very simple step by step process that you can do in approximately an hour.


Because of my amazing transformation, I became the hypnotherapist I am today. I also learned that many hypnotherapists don’t use this technique.

Perhaps it’s because a lot of them just haven’t discovered it. You can change the way you feel about yourself and change the way you act–the way you act about everything.

You will experience a spontaneous transformation and you will love the new you. This is because the thought in your mind changes automatically.


brain-770044_6403This technique is exactly like putting a new piece of software into your mind. The old software is deleted and you are changed. The steps are so simple, even my five-year old granddaughter was able to follow along with me so she wasn’t afraid of dancing on stage anymore.

You can finally start living the life you were meant to live. You can finally leave the effort, anxiety and hard work behind of trying other useless programs out there that simply don’t work.

I Become Angry When I Read About Useless Programs.

I become angry that people are being misinformed by unknowledgeable people. But, this is the program that works because the only way to get rid of fears or change behavior is by reprogramming the mind. With this program, you can finally start living the life you were meant to live by changing the easy way, the normal way, the only way and the right way, this way, this permanent way.

The One Hour Fear Eliminator ProductYou have my guarantee that this will work for you, my 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. By grabbing this simple shockingly powerful program I call, “The One Hour Fear Eliminator,” you can have real life results, guaranteed.

This Is A Step By Step Blueprint.

This is a step by step blueprint, one that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what you need to do.

So leave all the time wasting tricks and hocus pocus behind and instead choose to get rid of your fears immediately, almost magically, by following simple practical instructions designed to change the software of your computer-like mind.

When you grab your copy of “The One Hour Fear Eliminator” today, here is exactly what you will get. First, you will get the manual The One Hour Fear Eliminator.” This is the complete step by step program that contains everything you need.

With just simple reprogramming tools, this program helps you trigger the results you want, and instantly opens the flood gates to your incredible future and life.


You’ll acquire the self-confidence you truly want IMMEDIATELY.

Its-No-Wonder-bookDNext, you’ll receive three mp3 tracks I have personally recorded for you to relax to. They are not used or needed in this program. They are only an added bonus if you feel like relaxing to them.

Next, I’m throwing in the free book, “It’s No Wonder The World Is In Such a Mess– We’re All Being Parented by Five-Year Olds.” You’ll be shocked when you read this. I was, when I discovered information that every parent should learn about psychopaths and sociopaths which I have revealed in this publication.

I believe that this will be a welcome part of your reference library because I’m convinced that it’s an invaluable tool. I believe that knowing the information it contains should be common knowledge to you and every single living person on this planet, particularly every parent. It tells you how you can mold a child or destroy a child.

Next, you’ll also receive a pendulum. There is a shipping charge for your pendulum of $3 which is added to your total in your shipping cart.

This complete program would be a great bargain at its normal price of $99.95, but you can get it now for only $39, plus your $3 pendulum shipping charges.

This is the greatest bargain you’ll find compared to hours of counseling costing hundreds of dollars. This makes it an amazing offer. Included is my personal 30-day money back guarantee.

Once you get your hands on this system, you’ll have given yourself the most phenomenal method available containing powerful done-for-you practical instructions guaranteed to work.

So you can start now, this very day and integrate this source of transformation into your new life as quickly as possible. This is something you can complete today, not like some programs that take weeks or months.

With this program you just decide which day to begin your transformation so you can begin your new life as quickly as possible.

The change is immediate so if you do it today and it takes you an hour to complete, you will be the person you were meant to be in one hour and your life will be changed forever and instantly. You won’t feel any different. No bells will ring because the change is automatic.

It may take you several days to realize that you are changed. But remember, there is no going back.

Your fear will not come back,

no matter how hard you try to bring it back. It just won’t be there anymore.



imagesCAXCAUS8You will be swearing up and down that you didn’t realize losing your fears and anxieties could be this easy. And you’ll be able to feel the incredible power of your super-charged new behavior strumming through your body the next time you venture to do things you have avoided.

You will be transforming your life so you can finally live the life you want on your own terms. You can’t actually put a price on that. That alone is priceless.

This system is well worth thousands of dollars because of the immense value it can add to your life, yet today it’s all yours for less than 40 dollars, plus pendulum shipping charges. And all you have to do to get started is to—

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You’ll get instant access to absolutely everything. And you can get started living the life of your dreams by grabbing this totally awesome program today.

Wouldn’t you like to be one of those people who can just glide right through life effortlessly drawing in the people, support, love and happiness you deserve, rather than avoiding it like you undoubtedly have before?

And Best Of All, You’ll Be Feeling That Intoxicating Surge Of Contentment Rushing Through Your Veins And Transforming Every Aspect Of Your Life, Which Is Worth More Than Any Amount Of Money!

Yet today this can all be yours for $39 plus pendulum shipping of $3 if you act now. But I want to make this an even easier decision for you.

I’m Offering You My Ironclad 100% 30-Day Guarantee.

Satisfaction guaranteed Golden Metallic Background

If you act today, I’m offering you my ironclad 100% 30 day guarantee, which means you get to take the full program, test it out on your life for a full 30 days at absolutely no risk.

If within 30 days, you’re not totally ecstatic with the results you’re getting, just send me an email and I’ll give you a full and courteous refund, no questions asked and no hard feelings.

And the reason why I’m able to offer such a generous guarantee is because I’ve been in your shoes. I didn’t know which way to turn. I thought my life was over.


I went through incredible pain when I thought that my situation seemed hopeless, until I found this phenomenal rock solid method that transformed my life into what it is today, one of peacefulness and contentment.

I’m giving you a risk-free guarantee, so you can get the program, inspect it fully, use it in your own life and see for yourself just how easy it is to get rid of your fears and begin doing the things you’ve felt deprived of up until now.

Now that you have found the one vital self-reprogramming method that probably nobody else has ever told you about before, all you have to do is to click the button now to download this amazing publication and you can get started right away.

You Can Verify That It Has Worked.

So, what’s your next step? How do you know if this miracle system will work for you? Instructions in the guide tell you how to verify that the fear is gone by getting answers from your pendulum, so there is no wondering whether or not it has worked.

It couldn’t be any simpler. Be sure to test it out. How? By doing the things you were afraid to do before. You’ll discover that you’re no longer afraid to do them.

This Will Impact Your Life Just As It Did Mine.

Beautiful_sunset_in_Taidong_beach2When I first developed this program, I knew immediately it would impact people’s lives more incredibly than anyone could ever think possible.

That’s because it impacted my life more incredibly than I could have ever imagined when I used it to get rid of my stage fright.

I won’t even say it may not be for you because I know it is. This simple system is for everyone who is feeling stuck and stressed, bone tired of struggling with doubts and fears.

So, if you’re sick and tired of so-called experts feeding you the same old “face your fears” baloney without revealing the real solution, or if you’re miserable, anxious, stressed out or in pain and you want to really turn things around right now, just grab this now by hitting the order button.

YourNewFound2googcoupCaptureAnd who knows? With your new-found self-confidence, you may  not be shy around the one you love anymore.

Or you may need this if you refuse to waste one more second feeling empty or unfulfilled or want to get rid of your “afraid to do anything” life.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then this program is for you. In fact, here’s my solemn promise to you. It will change your life.

If you can read this simple to understand book in plain English, then you’re about to get your hands on one of the most powerful methods ever created.

A unique reprogramming technique that literally forces the software in your mind to change, to change your life forever.

So, if you’ve reached a crossroad and you’ve got a decision to make—

The way I see it, you’ve got three choices right now. Choice ONE—You could just do nothing and carry on living your life the way you always have done, fearful of doing the things you have always been fearful of doing.

But really how long have you already been doing this? Months? Years?

If your current approach isn’t working for you, then carrying on down the same old road most likely isn’t in your best interest anymore.

Or there’s your SECOND choice— You can consult someone and pay hundreds of dollars an hour and just hope they know about this technique, but frankly, it’s unlikely they will.

That’s because I am the author of this amazing self-programming technique, the one who actually devised this quick procedure that you can use personally in the comfort of your own home.

And as I said earlier, no other hypnotherapist that I could find was using this technique.

Some counselors just listen to your problems and give you pills.

Listening to you and giving your pills is taught in schools and is accepted as proper procedure. And why is this? The answer is because there is a lot of money to be had by scheduling many appointments and prescribing pills.

alcancias%20ahorro_5_2This system is completely different. This is about saving you money by offering you one quick method to get rid of your fears today. And remember, there are too many false so-called experts muddying the waters with their products that don’t help people at all. Don’t let that happen to you.

What if, instead you have a THIRD choice.

Click the button to order now, invest in yourself and see how easy it is to finally get what has been denied to you for so long, all thanks to the incredible power of this one utterly unique absolutely vital secret and remember it’s completely risk free, so you really have nothing to lose.

The whole reason I have such a water tight guarantee is that I know how hard it is to find a system that really works. And I want you to understand and remember that I’ve been in your shoes so I know it works.

Click the button below now. You simply don’t want to wait one more second.

First of all, I’m making an extremely valuable LIMITED TIME OFFER so you can get this vital secret technique today.

You can perform the steps now, today, without wasting one more moment. Yet I don’t know how much longer I can afford to keep this offer running.

And if you leave this page now I cannot promise you this special low price will still be available, not to mention the free book and the three mp3 tracks.

Yet, giving you this incredible bargain today is only part of it. Most people find this shocking, but the truth is that, Singing the blues awayhaving an amazing life is just about making a tiny simple change which leads to an avalanche of unstoppable positive change and transformation.

And one thing is for sure, the real answer to the pain and frustration is in front of you right now. And the principal reason is that it is so crucial to your success and well-being that it’s vital you get a chance to implement it in your life now instead of later.

Why? Because I want to help you turn around one of the most devastating problems you may have in life, the problem of fears and anxieties that may be controlling how you live.

And this program is the key to nipping it in the bud so you can enjoy other people and live a fuller more enriching life. To finally get your hands on this solution and to finally see and feel the results happening in your life at last means—

However, there is a potential problem we need to address right now. You see from my significant professional experience, what I’ve seen is this, if you don’t make the choice to make the change now you may not in the future.

Human inertia is a powerfully frightening thing. You just get more numb to what’s really happening and your last chance at happiness just slips through your fingers like soap in a shower.

Before you even realize it, it’s too late. I don’t want that to happen to you. You don’t have to keep numbing yourself to what you really want out of life because the real answer is right in front of you.

This is the tool you need now to change the rest of your life.

And remember there is literally zero risk to you to take the program and test it out now.


You can be seeing and feeling incredible results in your life today. And if you’ve never experienced true self-confidence and emotional freedom in your life, then this is your chance to grab it.

When you feel yourself really getting ahead without struggle or anxiety, when you truly become the person you have dreamed about and people start to see you in a different light, there is no better investment.

So invest in yourself. Go ahead and click the button now because remember, at this very moment, you have the power to change everything. Your whole reality can shift and blossom in a heartbeat.

This is the moment where you decide whether you get the life you deserve and the true joy you’ve always wished for or whether you continue to be stuck in the scaredy cat treadmill.

Whether you continue to waste your life in a constant state of stress and anxiety, whether you continue to be frustrated with your life, work, money and relationships, the choice is yours.

And nobody can make that choice, but you. You see, it’s my job to give you the chance to make a change, but it’s up to you to take action.

And right now the only thing standing between you and the life you’ve always wished for is just one happy young romantic couple have fun relaxquick read of my system. So let me help you. Take advantage of the tools you need to change your life.

Just click the “Add To Cart” button now and seize your chance to become the roaring lion you were meant to be. 

I want to thank you for spending the time with me today. I am truly committed to helping give you the freedom you truly deserve, your dream life. You can get it all from this simple reprogramming technique.

And more to the point, this is the only place in the world you will ever be able to grab this simple, but amazing technique.

It has already worked for countless others just like you and it’s 100% guaranteed so there is absolutely no risk to you whatsoever.

You can get instant access to this amazing proven $99.95 system for this one-time introductory price of only $39 plus pendulum shipping charges of $3.

You can choose to empower yourself. You can choose to seize the moment. You can make the choice to change your life for the better and get instant access to this powerful proven system —

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The One Hour Fear Eliminator Product


Money back guarantee






  • P.S. With my 100% 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose except your unwanted fears and anxieties. So grab your copy of The One Hour Fear Eliminator while it’s still at this reduced price today so you can get rid of your fears and anxieties for good and be spontaneously transformed.

  • P.P.S. By getting this offer today, you can also take advantage of my eye-opening BONUS book, It’s No Wonder The World is in Such a Mess–We’re All Being Parented By Five-Year Olds. Who would have guessed? In it, you will also find some great mind-expanding techniques. You’ll also receive my three BONUS MP3 tracks.

  • P.P.P. S. Could there be any greater investment than an investment in yourself? Hit the “Add To Cart” button now so you can get your life back on track.


Louise00122small005Louise B. Hunter, A. C. H. E.











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